Company Overview:
VideoBeam is a small, privately held company.
We develop custom, intelligent decision based software and Internet services for communications, remote control, robotics, security and energy management.
Various services and products have been offered since 1985.
VideoBeam will continue to develop enhancements to it's services to meet the growing demand for high quality, leading edge technology solutions.

The VideoBeam Audience:
We focus our services and products on 'General Audiences' of all ages, and make every effort to assure that the content of our site has broad age group and broad ethnic appeal. We do recommend that parents monitor and control their child's use of the Internet. We are open to persons of all races, ages, genders, creeds, religious beliefs or political persuasions. The content of our web is closely controlled to assure compliance with this policy. VideoBeam takes special care to protect the safety and privacy of visitors and clients using our services.

User Privacy:
Visitors and Clients of VideoBeam are protected by our strict Privacy Policy. The confidentiality of Personal Information is respected, and is described in more detail on our Privacy Policy web page. VideoBeam Privacy Policy.

VideoBeam Service and Product Changes:
As or company develops enhanced, expanded, new or improved services and products, we will post that information here for your convenience.

Our supporters are actively helping make this earth a better place to live now, and for future generations by choosing Renewable Energy.

If you have questions or concerns regarding VideoBeam, you should send us a message using this link Contact Us

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