QUESTION: Why do some pages request my private information like city, state date of birth etc. ?
ANSWER: Your private information is needed when we retrieve or calculate some types of demographic data that is specific
    to your location or age group. We of course need personal data when we, or our affiliates ship products to you,
     or if we need to contact you regarding any questions on Orders you have placed with us.
    All of your private information is held in the strictest confidence, and is used only to complete any
    business we may conduct between us.
QUESTION: What are the download messages on some of your web pages for ?
ANSWER: The downloads are standard software needed to complete your request. For example - to do text-to-speech and speech
    recognition. Software is provided free by Microsoft and you are given the option to load it onto your computer.
    The Software may be needed to handle specific types of data, or enable particular web page features.
    The software is free and may already be loaded on your computer. If any Microsoft download messages appear
    while you are visiting our web pages, this means a software enhancement is available to be installed.
    None of the software is required, but can provide a significantly enhanced web experience.
    The software does not affect any other programs you may already have on your computer.
QUESTION: What is this Alert Message ?
ANSWER: Alert messages like this are a Microsoft standard provided as a protection for your computer by Microsoft Windows.
    From this website you can safely click Yes to continue using the features provided on the web page.
    ( This message normally appears because the web page is trying to load a program needed that access information or features on your computer. )
    You can also change the security settings in your Web Browser to bypass this type of alert if you choose.
    The easiest way to do this is to add http://* and http://* to your Trusted Sites list.
QUESTION: What is a UserID, and why do I need one ?
ANSWER: You are given a unique number (UserID) when you register with us to use specific services or features of our web site.
    Your UserID is used for your privacy and protection, and to help us serve you better.