BitCoin Trek Console FAQ

Q: What is the BitCoin Trek Console (BTC) used for ?
The BTC provides a simple tool for real-time tracking of the current value of bitcoins.
     The bitcoins entered can be actual coins you have purchased, or represent a proposed investment.
     In either case, the current value is continuously calculated based on the most recent market price.

Q: Why would someone want to use the BTC ?
There are frequent profit opportunities in the fast-changing BitCoin markets.
     The typical client wants to be alert to those profit opportunities immediately.

Q: Can I automatically initiate a buy or sell transaction using the BTC ?
You need to enter buy and sell orders with the exchange(s) you trade on.
      The BTC will provide the the ALERTS you need to make the ordering decisions.
      Our market bots are fully capable of automating these transactions, however
      we recommend using your own best judgement in these decisions.

Q: What do the changing red and green colors on the BTC mean ?
A green color in the top line Profit/Loss box indicates that the investment is profitable at the current market price.
     A red color in the top line Profit/Loss box indicates that the investment is valued below cost at the current market price.
       Green color in the Profit or Price Target boxes indicated potential profit, red means potential loss.
       Green in the Live Quote fields means the price shown is higher that the previous price, red means lower.
       The colors will change as the current market price fluctuates (only on the preferred exchange you select).

Q: What about information security ?
All BitCoin market prices are publicly available.
     Communications regarding your subscription are delivered via secure Email (https).
     Personally identifiable information does not appear on the BTC screen.
     Actual financial transactions are handled securely by your exchange.
     Financial subscription transactions are fully secured using PayPal.